Westmalle Tripel--Contaynor

Westmalle Tripel

Brouwerij de Trappisten Westmalle
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Generous, golden yellow Trappist beer, with a distinctive fruity aroma. The complex bouquet ends with a long, smoothly bitter finish.   

The Tripel is brewed within the walls of the Trappist abbey with pure water from dozens of metres below the abbey, barley malt, sugar, 5 types of hops and the unique Westmalle yeast. This yeast allows the beer to ferment 3 times. The first time during the main fermentation, a second time during the maturation and a third time in the bottle. This is how it gets its rich, full taste. 

In 1934, this Tripel was a pioneer from which a new style of tripel beers was born. Not surprisingly, beer experts also refer to the Westmalle Tripel as the "mother of all tripels".  

- Alcohol percentage: 9,5% -
- This product includes 24 glass bottles of 33 cl -
- Glass containers collectable: EUR 4.50 -