Pajottenlander Carrot Juice

Pajottenlander Carrot Juice (6 x 75cl)

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Pajottenlander carrot juice tastes sweet, with a fresh lemon accent. The carrots come from organic or biodynamic cultivation.

The carrot juice is lightly acidified with organic lemon juice. This way, all nutrients are optimally preserved and the juice acquires its fresh taste.

Organic carrot juice has a particularly purifying effect. It is easily digestible, refreshing and delicious. It contains valuable vitamins and numerous minerals. It is beneficial in juice cures, has a low glycemic index and promotes the acid-base balance in our body. The result is a good metabolism and smooth digestion, the basis for good health.

- This product includes 6 glass bottles of 75cl -
- Glass containers collectable: EUR 4.50 -