Mora Mora Madagascar Liqueur de Rhum

Madagascar Liqueur de Rhum

Mora Mora
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Mora Mora Rhum is made with a secret family recipe that has been passed down through the centuries to make a drink with the best vanilla from Madagascar. Fanja learned the basics of how to make this spectacular drink as a little girl, then perfected her recipe at her successful restaurant near Lyon. After 20 years of lobbying, the rhum is finally being bottled and sold, to the delight of Fanja’s regular customers. Now everyone can enjoy Fanja’s secret. The expression “Mora mora” means “softly, softly”. What the Malagasy people mean by that is: enjoy life and don’t sweat the small stuff. There is no point stressing out, just go with the flow, relax. From the very first sip, this rhum sends you into the world of daydreams, to blissful summer evenings in sunnier climes. The Baobab that’s featured on the bottle is a sacred tree in Madagascar, linked to many legends. It is a symbol of infinite success.

This spicy rhum is versatile enough to be enjoyed both plain, on the rocks or in numerous cocktails. For those who love spicy, firm rhums with a smooth aftertaste, Presented in an original bottle and adored for its ginger ale, cinnamon, coffee and clove hints.

Origin: Belgium

- This product includes 1 bottle of 50cl -
- Alcohol percentage: 32,0% -