Belgoo Handcrafted Beers | Mixed Pack--Contaynor

Belgoo Handcrafted Beers | Mixed Pack

Belgoo Brewery
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Belgoo beers are handcrafted high fermentation beers brewed in the region around Brussels. Created with different types of grains as barley, wheat, spelt and oats and abundantly dry hopped with hops from all over the world.

The mixed pack contains all the best of Belgoo Beers combined. This box contains 4 Hoppy Pils, 4 Bio blond IPAs, 4 Saisonneke Extra, 4 Bloemekei IPA, 4 Magus and 4 Keekebisj Export.

- This product includes 24 glass bottles of 33 cl -
- Alcohol percentage: 4,4 % - 8,0 % -
- Glass containers collectable: EUR 4.50 -