Frequently Asked Questions

What measures is Contaynor taking against COVID19?

Saving you a trip to the supermarket, Contaynor is convinced we are contributing to limiting the spread of COVID19. Dropping your beverages at your doorstep, we aim to avoid contact with our customers and wash our hands with disinfectant soap at every drop. Our delivery service includes clear email and SMS communication with an ETA and a visual track & trace. So we'll give you a heads up before we pass by.

What to do with empty glass bottles?

As outlined in our recycle fee policy, there is a collectable of EUR 4.50-8.50 related to your case of glass bottles. If you are a recurring client, Contaynor will pick up all cases/crates of empty bottles when we deliver an order. For more info, click here.

What shipping fees does Contaynor apply?

We use shipping fees competitive with other food & drink distributors active in home delivery. Our fees are dependent on your cart value. For more information, check out our shipping policy.

    Where does Contaynor deliver?

    Contaynor is a startup from Brussels. We currently deliver anywhere in Brussels, Leuven and surroundings. Check out our deliver area to see if your municipality is supported. 

    When does Contaynor deliver?

    You can choose your own delivery date. If not specified, we deliver the next day. For B2C, we perform our deliveries between 9:00 and 20:00. Check out our delivery service for more information.

    What happens when I'm not home on delivery?

    We aim to be as transparent as possible on our time of delivery by sending you the right information by email and SMS. Moreover, we perform our deliveries late afternoon/night to ensure higher delivery rate. In case that we miss each other, we'll try to deliver a second time the next day. For more information, check out our delivery service.

    How does Contaynor deliver?

    Contaynor delivers all beverages with zero-emission vans. We charge our fleet at our solar-roofed distribution center in Grimbergen. Currently, we are operating the Maxus EV80, an electric van, ideal for city distribution. Contaynor was the first to operate this vehicle in Belgium. 

    What prices are displayed on the platform?

    All prices displayed on the platform include VAT. If you make a purchase as a business, you can find your invoice linked to the order confirmation email. In case you have any question concerning the latter, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

    Will Contaynor expand its product offering?

    We aim to expand our product offering online. We are currently assessing what products are the most suitable. We prefer local and sustainable products. If you are a customer and have any preferences, or you are a merchant and wish to sell you products online, don't hesitate to reach out to us

    Will Contaynor start selling separate units, as opposed to crates and six packs?

    Yes, we will! For now, we can best pool our volumes with crates. Nevertheless, we will soon launch a new service for smaller purchases. In the meantime, make our trip worth your while, and buy a full crate ;) 

    Is it possible I did not receive an order confirmation by email?

    Yes, there could be two possible reasons for that:

    1. The order confirmation email ended up in your spam. This sadly happens sometimes with automatic emails. Please add Contaynor to your address book, and you should be good. 
    2. You accidentally inserted the wrong email address when checking out. In that case, please send us a notice with the right email address. We'll change this for you. 

    But don't worry about not receiving the right updates via email, we usually also send you an SMS with a Track & Trace the day after. 

    If you have any other question, feel free to reach out to us!